Monthly Newsletter

November 2019

Looks like summer has said good-bye and autumn rolls on which means dark evenings and cold days. So it must be time to give the planes a good look over, check out the engines and lay them up for the winter. I find that two-stroke oil does the trick nicely. Replace any knackered bearings and check out flight pack batteries. It’s also the table top sale in November, so if you have any planes or modelling gear which you don’t use now is maybe the time to get shot of it. That’s what it’s there for.

The table top sale is our next club night at The EKCO Club and is on the 12th November. You can book a table with Den or Les, they are £4.00, which includes entry, or just come along which is £2.00 on the door.

Did you come along to the general meeting with the two clubs to discuss us becoming one? It went very well and we had some good positive feed back from both members of both clubs, which is very encouraging. I would like to thank the members for coming along to the evening. There is still a long way to go and there will be more meetings. Thank you Nick and your committee for the support you all have shown in moving this forward. The committees of each club will be also be meeting in the New Year and we will keep you well informed of developments as they happen. It will be in the newsletter. If anyone has any points to bring up please put them in writing and send them to Dick Heywood at:

12 Southborough Drive

Westcliff On Sea



As you know, throughout the year we support some events by putting on static displays for which the organisers are very grateful to us for supporting them. The Vulcan is a very popular one for the members who help out. As you can see they get up close to the action. Anyone can come along and help, just get in touch with Dennis or Les. The Canvey Transport Museum only had two members helping, as there were some problems with the other regular guys, so well done Paul and Reg.

You may have noticed the mower has some parts missing. This is because it’s in need of some overdue TLC which is now underway. The guy who was going to do the work fell ill and is still in hospital. We wish him well. Luckily Andy knew of someone who could help us out, so he had a word with Nick who saw the guy at the field and sorted out a time and date to remove the parts which are away being done. I would also like to thank Nick for all the work he has been doing down the field this year. He’s done really well and been very busy working on the field. Some of it you can see and some you don’t as it’s underground.

December is creeping up so that means only one thing, AGM time. It’s also a social evening with a buffet so make it a date. It’s the on 10th December at the EKCO club. There’s also a raffle going on with festive prizes, not plane stuff. The nominations list has been sent out with a return date and voting will be on the evening of the AGM.

Safety time.

It has been noticed that members are not using the tables at the front of the pits area to ready their planes for flight. It’s very important to use the tables, especially if you’re flying electric, in case you knock the throttle to full power, which could be very dangerous.  

Always remember to fly within the fly zone. Do not overfly or taxi in or out of the pits area. There are now notices in place to remind you. Even though the footpath north of the field has been removed, people still walk along where it was so keep your eyes open for members of the public walking around. There are notices in place now to inform the walkers about us flying but they do still walk across the far east corner of the field. We are replacing the notices around the field with bigger ones which Dick may well need a helping hand putting up. Also remember to fly according to the ANO guidelines. If you don’t know them please do look them up or ask. Also don’t forget to take your litter home, especially non-combustibles like tins, glass, Li-poly batteries and other metal objects, and bin them there. Keep your field clean and tidy. Remember wild life share our flying area.

Safe flying and happy landings

Del boy

The guys up close to the action


One for Reg I hope you like?





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