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March 2020
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First came Clara and then Dennis the menace did it’s worst. I feel so sorry for the people who got flooded and for all the storm damage. Lets hope that’s the end of this bad weather, we’ve seen the back of the winds and that we get some nice weather soon to start the flying season off with. We are into March now, so hopefully we’ll get some in flying in soon.

The committee have decided to bring back novice training at the beginning of spring, on Thursday evenings from 4.00p.m.onwards. For further information contact Dennis on 07745219443/01702 295464 or myself on 01268 778843 as we will need to know who’s coming along. Just so we can plan the numbers and cover helpers.

As I said earlier, we are now into March; where does the time go? I hope you have been giving your planes a good look over and checking all the linkages and things. BATTERIES are just as important as l found out. Some of my batteries are now no good to fly with. So take it from me they do need to be replaced after a few years. For about a fiver you can keep your plane a bit longer. It’s a very small price to pay to keep your plane longer l think.

How have you found the CAA registration system? Good fun isn’t it? To get registered l do need your DOB. It’s been a headache this year doing the membership. I’m getting there slowly but there is still work to do. Club membership cards are down at the field in a plastic container in the cabin, so next time you are over the field have a look to see if yours is there.

The next club night is on the 10thMarch from 8.00p.m. at the EKCO Club. Again it’s a social evening and you can bring along indoor quads and planes and fly them in the room. There’s a well stocked bar, so you can have a nice pint or a hot drink. Also going on up one end, out of the way, will be the committees from both clubs having a meeting about moving on with us becoming one. Members are Ok to come along as it is a normal club night and can fly their indoor quads and have a beer and chat.

Important Notice

To all members can you please let me have you your name, BMFA number and Date of Birth as it’s needed for the registration scheme. You can send it to my e-mail at srfc787@gmail.comor post it to me at 108 Warwick Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 8TF. Yes it is a plain in the bum but the BMFA need these details before they can process membership so thanks for your corporation on this matter.

Safety time.

It has been noticed that members are not using the tables at the front of the pits area to ready their planes for flight. It’s very important to use the tables, especially if you’re flying electric, in case you knock the throttle to full power, which could be very dangerous.  

Always remember to fly within the fly zone. Do not overfly or taxi in or out of the pits area. There are now notices in place to remind you. Even though the footpath north of the field has been removed, people still walk along where it was so keep your eyes open for members of the public walking around. There are notices in place now to inform the walkers about us flying but they do still walk across the far east corner of the field. We are replacing the notices around the field with bigger ones which Dick may well need a helping hand putting up. Also remember to fly according to the ANO guidelines. If you don’t know them please do look them up or ask. Also don’t forget to take your litter home, especially non-combustibles like tins, glass, Li-poly batteries and other metal objects, and bin them there. Keep your field clean and tidy. Remember wild life share our flying area.

Safe flying and happy landings

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