Monthly Newsletter

September 2019

What do you think of our summer this year?  I think it’s been one of the worst we’ve had for a few years. Strong winds and heavy rain at times but l suppose it has been quite mild, although sometimes it’s been too hot for me.

The Scale Day that Paul and his helpers ran was a great success. With John on the BBQ, well not on it himself but you know what l mean, the food was very good and the sun shone for us all to enjoy it.  There are photos in the Gallery section and on the club Facebook page if you missed it.

There’s another Fly For Fun happening on Sunday 22nd September. All are welcome and l believe a BBQ will be available again so that’s one not to miss. They are always great fun so make it a date. Don’t forget it’s also flying all day so lets hope the weather is kind.

The next club night is on Tuesday 10th September at the EKCO Club. It’s a social evening to chat with friends plus there’s a very nice bar there to get a good pint of beer. You can also fly your quads or an indoor plane.

Talking about indoor flying, the first indoor flying evening of this winter is on Wednesday 25th September. That’s come round quick. It’s £8.00 to fly but to watch and chat to your mates is free. You can get a hot drink there as well.

A couple of items from Dick Heywood.

Item (1)

It has come to my attention that one of our members has had his TH.1/8 “Parrot” Bebob2 Quadcopter removed from his car at TTI on Thursday 1st August. I am hoping someone can shed some light on who could have removed this model from his car and that it isn’t anyone that is known to us. The member’s phone number is 07976 570502 so if you have any information please get in touch.

Just like the one that went missing.


Item (2)

The club was approached a few weeks ago by a lady whose brother-in-law was an aero modeller and who had died two months previously in a property in Hockley.  She needed someone to help take a collection of models, engines and other equipment from this property and to try and sell the items with all the proceeds to go to the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.

Mike Briant responded to the email and enlisted the help of myself and a few weeks ago we duly arrived on site and found this lovely lady and one of her sons waiting there for us at 10.30a.m. On this particular morning they had travelled down from Derbyshire and they had to be back there the same day. Consequently they had started off at 4.00a.m. that morning.

So Mike and l started getting the stuff out of the loft and sorting out the models which consisted of 12-50″ wing span planes (mostly rubber, free flight and control line), approximately six smaller aero boxed kits, about twenty very small free flight diesel & glow engines and some other odds and sods.

Mike enlisted the help of John Burton of Model Technics to research and price most of the engines. We found that one of them was a Taplin Twin in line diesel engine (a quite well sort after item in the hobby) that could be worth more than £150.00 and it didn’t take long to find a taker for that. Meanwhile l have sold eight of these models and a few other bits and pieces at TTI and Mike has sold an old Digifleet 35Mhz transmitter on Ebay plus some of the engines. So far we have raised in the region of £545.00 and we still have a bit more to find homes for.

Brian Palmer of S.E.MA.S. showed a lot of interest in five control line models and three “free flight” models. He was very pleased to purchase them saying that these were what he used to fly when he was fourteen years old and living in Dagenham. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment with them Brian.

Mike has advertised some of the remaining items by email to members and on the club Facebook page and anything that doesn’t go to members will be put on Ebay in due course.

A Ben Buckle super sixty 72″ model is still available if anyone is interested for £20.00 or offers could be accepted. The engine in the pictures is the Taplin Twin which is not included and no longer available.


If anyone is interested in any of these items, please contact us via the club email or speak to Dick at the field.  Just like the gentleman who died (who was also a biker) we never know when we might need the Air Ambulance so please help us raise money for a great cause.

The previous owner of this collection was a gentleman called Michael Walters and he lived at Harrowgate Drive, Hockley. Does this name ring any “bells” with anyone?


Dick Heywood – Club Secretary

Thank you Dick for your item for the newsletter. It helps me out and don’t forget anyone can write an item for the newsletter. Just send it to me at or the club e-mail and we can soon put it in for you.  We can also include anything you’re selling as well as putting it on the website and Facebook page.

A little bit of sad news. We are not doing the railway show this year as its been cancelled by Garons. Nothing to do with us but it’s a big shame as the members who go and help really do enjoy doing this one. Should be back for next year.

The only ones left this year are the Vulcan Open Day on 22nd September that Dennis could do with more help with. This is a good one to go along to as you are up and close to the Vulcan and very near to the taxiway with planes going past quite often. Most enjoyable. Then the last one of the year is the Bus Museum Open Day down on Canvey Island. Dennis can always do with a helping hand for any of these static displays so why not come and help at one? You never know, you may enjoy yourself.

Dennis would like to thank all the members who help out at the static shows as they cannot be done without your help. So a big thank you to Dennis and his team of helpers. Well done guys!

Things are slowly moving on with efforts to make the two clubs become one and we are planning an open meeting very soon which will be a light hearted evening to get some feedback from members. It will be open to both clubs and will be held at the EKCO club as we do value your comments with regard to moving this forward. Watch out for more details on this.

Safety time.

It has been noticed that members are not using the tables at the front of the pits area to ready their planes for flight. It’s very important to use the tables, especially if you’re flying electric, in case you knock the throttle to full power, which could be very dangerous.  

Always remember to fly within the fly zone. Do not overfly or taxi in or out of the pits area. There are now notices in place to remind you. Even though the footpath north of the field has been removed, people still walk along where it was so keep your eyes open for members of the public walking around. There are notices in place now to inform the walkers about us flying but they do still walk across the far east corner of the field. We are replacing the notices around the field with bigger ones which Dick may well need a helping hand putting up. Also remember to fly according to the ANO guidelines. If you don’t know them please do look them up or ask. Also don’t forget to take your litter home, especially non-combustibles like tins, glass, Li-poly batteries and other metal objects, and bin them there. Keep your field clean and tidy. Remember wild life share our flying area.

Safe flying and happy landings

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