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May 2020
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Wow what a year we are having. No flying, no going down the pub for a drink with friends, no meeting up with family. It’s very hard.  A little extra bit harder for my wife and I as we became grandparents for the first time to Elijah on April 17th. 

Our daughter, Amanda, and her husband Matt are his proud parents. Like so many other families we cannot see them until l don’t know when. But we are getting some lovely pictures of him. Technology is a great saver.

As you all know, we are closed down but the field has been looked after and the grass has been cut so as soon as it re-opens (with some strict rules in place) we will be up and away flying again. It’s really ironic that we have had some of the nicest flying conditions for a long time but we can’t fly. Still rules are rules. There will be other field maintenance to do when we re-open and we will need help from members. We will keep you informed and ask for your help.

During the lock down one of our committee members, Reg Barber, has been doing his bit to help by putting his modeling skills to good use with his 3D printer making headbands for visors for the NHS. It’s part of a large nationwide group and Reg is also a local hub for people to bring their headbands to in our area. They fulfill orders for doctors surgeries, carers etc. Reg then adds the headbands to a clear visor and elastic strap. That’s how Reg has kept busy throughout these hard times. If anyone else would like to get involved then the contact iswww.3dcrowd.My wife and I are very proud to know Reg too. You are a star. Has anyone else been involved with things along those lines and l will put it into the newsletter?

How have you been keeping busy and what have you been up to? Decorating, gardening modeling or something else? Let me know as it may be handy for others. We don’t know yet when we may get back to flying, we all just need to be patient and wait for the all clear. I feel it’s still a long time away and even then there will be restrictions.

Dear members

We are not going to fully open the Flying Club until we have had further clarity from the Government and BMFA.  However the flying field will be available for members to use from Wednesday 13th May if they feel it is safe to do so. If you are going to use the flying field you must follow Government and BMFA guidelines.

The cabin is only to be used in an emergency to access the First Aid Kit.

All members using the field must follow the Club Rules.

You are responsible for your own safety and to decide if you are to fly.

If you as members can’t make this work the field will have to be closed again.

Del Jennings (chairman SRFC)

There has been another update late Tuesday afternoon from the BMFA. Seems like they are not too sure what to do for the best. Read and check it out but my own advice to members is to wait a bit longer until June then go from there.

Our club treasurer, Bill, has not been well and l am sure we all wish him well.

Stay safe and your families.    


Here’s a model from the 80s my friend Alan has just finished off. As you can see it has flaps and it was one of the first to have them. So come on, have a guess to see if you know which one it was. Here’s a clue. They also did a very well known trainer.                       



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