Monthly Newsletter

November 2018

Where has this year gone? It will soon be table top sale time again and also the AGM. The next club night is the table top sale on the 13th November at the EKCO club. If you’ve got anything to sell don’t forget you will need to book a table with Den or Les. Their phone numbers are Den 01702  295988 Les 07729421939. It’s £4.00 a table (which includes entry) and entry if not selling is £2.00. It’s usually a good evening and a good turn out. There is also a well stocked bar so you can get a nice pint.

At the end of November it’s the railway show at Garons Park and we always put on a very good static display for them with help from the members. If you have a plane you wish to display please get in contact with Den. His contact number is above. We set up from 2.00p.m. on Friday 16th and if you fancy helping out, either on Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th, also let Den know. Its a good show and you do get a chance to have a good look around while you’re there helping.

The fly tipping has now been removed. A big thank you goes out to Nick who sorted this out with the council for us. It keeps the field looking nice and shows we do take care of the field and try to keep it looking nice, not only for us but for others too. The field is looking good and the grass has recovered from the hot summer months well. The rubbish is being kept on top of but we still do get a few batteries and non combustibles dumped. Please take them home with you.

Unfortunately the cost of indoor flying will need to go up. This is not down to us but due to the Deanes Sports Centre increasing the price for hiring the hall which is a shame. We do want to keep it going as long as possible and as long as we cover the cost of hiring the gym it will continue. It is our fourth year of using this venue so it had to happen at some point. We feel though that it’s nice to have an evening out flying and chatting to friends in the warm. We’ll blame it on Brexit as everything else is down to that!!!

It will soon be December and A.G.M. time (11thDecember) so make a date of it. We are putting on a free buffet and making it a Christmas social and very good it will be too. There will be the usual raffle to win some wine and !!!!!!!!  This year there will be an increase in fees as the B.M.F.A. are increasing their fees by a few pounds for 2019. So we will only be taking membership fees after the meeting and not before. Don’t forget it’s your night to air any views you may have on the running of your club. So come and enjoy an evening out with friends.  Nominations for committee members for 2019 will be voted on the night, closing at 9.00p.m.

There are a number of items listed for sale at the moment so check out the For Sale page for details.

Safety time.

It has been noticed that members are not using the tables at the front of the pits area to ready their planes for flight. It’s very important to use the tables, especially if you’re flying electric, in case you knock the throttle to full power, which could be very dangerous.  

Always remember to fly within the fly zone. Do not overfly or taxi in or out of the pits area. There are now notices in place to remind you. Even though the footpath north of the field has been removed, people still walk along where it was so keep your eyes open for members of the public walking around. There are notices in place now to inform the walkers about us flying but they do still walk across the far east corner of the field. We are replacing the notices around the field with bigger ones which Dick may well need a helping hand putting up. Also remember to fly according to the ANO guidelines. If you don’t know them please do look them up or ask. Also don’t forget to take your litter home, especially non-combustibles like tins, glass, Li-poly batteries and other metal objects, and bin them there. Keep your field clean and tidy. Remember wild life share our flying area.

The cabin is also being left unlocked at times. So if you have a key, even if members are still around, lock it up please otherwise someone will need to go over the field late in the evening to do it. Many thanks guys.

Safe flying and happy landings

Del boy

Both taken at Southend





Active Scale

    Colin Bliss