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Two Tree Island Airfield is one of over 800 R/C airfields in the UK. It measures in at 26,100m2 beeline and consists of 3 separate patches. The main stretch features a 58 metre long hard standing runway surrounded by grass, this is mainly used for fixed wing aircraft. On the SW edge of the airfield is a helicopter area for when the runway is in use which also acts as a short crosswind runway for fixed wing and links directly onto the main stretch of the field. In the SE corner of the site is a new multirotor (commonly referred to as ‘drones’) patch, a small field which serves any type of freestyle, racing, filming or aerobatic drone.

The airfield is located in the centre of the west side of Two Tree Island, a 257 hectare man-made atoll reclaimed from the Thames Estuary in the 18th century and used as pasture until 1910 when a sewage works was constructed. In 1936 the entire area was used for landfill, reduced to a smaller site in 1974 and closing shortly afterwards. The island is now a nature reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) run by Essex Wildlife Trust and Leigh National Nature Reserve.

The fly zone at Two Tree Island is 24 hectares and runs from the road to the east to the scrape in the west and extends from the flight line north to Hadleigh Ray. The northeast corner of the fly zone is closed for London Southend Airport‘s Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ), located 300m from the airfield’s eastern edge, however this does not impede activities, still allowing adequate space for all types of flying.

Facilities include a kitchenette, preparation and starting benches in the pits, car park and urinal (the nearest toilet is at Leigh Golf Range). A windsock on the north side is a great and easy indicator for those more challenging landings!

Unlike many R/C airfields, Two Tree Island has quick access to public transport and by road. We are very fortunate to use the site for flying and share the space with wildlife and the public.


We hold many events through the year, actively encouraging model aviation within the community.


At over 6 acres there is plenty of room for full size as well as model aircraft and social distancing, too.

Always interesting

All sorts of aircraft can be flown at our airfield!

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